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All ETC employees know how the former Deputy CEO of ETC mysteriously left Ethiopia and purchased in cash a house worth 500,000 United States Dollars in America.



By Ewnetu Tessema

Obviously, I am speaking in terms what is de facto rather than de jure.

We have heard in recent weeks from ETC’s Board Members that corrupt officials of the Ethiopian Telecom Corporation have been dealt with. It is far from the truth. Besides, those officials are allowed to enjoy the money they have looted. No criminal charge is pressed against them so far.

Honest Employees of ETC have made public their proposals for anti-corruption measures, and some concerned Ethiopians recently urged in secret almost all foreign telecom companies operating in Ethiopia to adopt the motto, “I don’t corrupt”.

Yet in the realm of perceptions, as evidenced from opinion polls, corruption is seen as remaining endemic among ETC’s officialdom. ETC’s CEO, Members of Board of Directors, and SOME of the middle level management and ALL the high level management group are seen by ETC employees and the ordinary public as among those most likely to be involved in corruption.

Some evidence that corruption continues to determine the flavour of daily life are corroborated by the infamous two cases ( as reported in the Anti Corruption Website) i.e, the Ushacom and the Data Dimension 4 million U.S Dollars case is unhealthily influencing the officials to go out of their way. If the allegations about Ushacom and Data Dimension are true, it is impossible to believe that such practices could be going on without the complicity of big government officials and high profile politicians.

It is time for a review of anti-corruption measures, and for serious consideration whether steps such as those proposed at our website  should be taken on board to ensure the eradication of improper behaviour by officials. (Please read my open letter to H.E. Junedi Sado)

Yet even before then, a point made by me in my previous comment  needs to be followed through. I said recently  that in the last three years in ETC, I have heard of no-one going to jail for corruption.

If indeed corrupt officials are being wormed out, they should not be allowed discreet departures. All ETC employees know how the former Deputy CEO of ETC left Ethiopia and purchased a house worth 500,000 United States Dollars in America.



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