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The CEO of ETC Tesfaye Biru is in Germany while the Board appointed a new management team in his absence. It is over a week since he left Ethiopia. Tesfaye Biru is expected to report office on  December 26, 2005. The fact that Asfaw Hailemariam, the right arm of Tesfaye Biru and the ex IT boss, is going to be accused of corruption might prompt Tesfaye Biru to examine and re-examine himself.
While the CEO of ETC, Tesfaye Biru, is having "fun" in Germany with his wife, the Board of Directors of ETC has flashed out for good four of the highest management team members who were best friends of Tesfaye Biru. Tesfaye Biru had delegated one of his friends, Abebe Belayneh, as an acting CEO before he left for Germany. The board, however, flashed out Abebe Belayneh and appointed a new acting CEO in his place. The fate of the sacked officials is unknown. The employees of ETC expect all (INCLUDING TESFAYE BIRU) to face trial for their corrupt practices for the last almost three years time. It is to be recalled Tesfaye Biru and his crew spent 2 Billion United States Dollars on purchase of useless telecom equipment within the last two years and half alone. The current acting CEO is ato Abebe Gashaw. He will remain acting until Tesfaye Biru returns from Germany.

For almost all ETC employees, disheartening news has also come from the media, which though praised the efforts, said they may not be enough to change the perception of ETC as a corrupt company. The independent media reportedly said: "One cannot expect that just because of what happened, ETC’s ranking will change...It is not just because four deputy CEOs have left office or has resigned, that means the system has changed." A pro Government newspaper advised that ETC need to go beyond individuals leaving office, saying: "We think those individuals took advantage of the system, so what is happening should give the Ethiopian Government an opportunity to think on how to block the loopholes in the system that allows these vultures  to rob this poor country." The sacked officials have not been so far arrested and/or prosecuted. However, many still view this in itself as an achievement worth celebrating.



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