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It was with immense incredulity, wonder and shock that I read your irresponsibly reckless remark about the Ethiopian Telecom Corporationon on your website:


Dear Sir/Madam,

It was with immense incredulity, wonder and shock that I read your irresponsibly reckless remark about the Ethiopian Telecom Corporationon on your website:,3605,1541785,00.html

 With all due respect to your misguided, deliberate or not, belief I beg you to differ. For the record I want to express my disappointment, bitterness and wrath at your contemptible pack of lies. I did visit your website time after time and was keen on it before I came across to your outrageous lies.

I hope you have heard how much money ETC' so called CEO,Tesfaye Biru, squandered within the last two years on purchase alone. Believe it or not, he spent 1.9 Billion Unites States Dollars on purchase of less than useless inferior quality telecom equipment from China and Europe. I assure you 1.9 Billion Dollars is a plentiful of money to set up an additional similar telecom company of same size, but with better quality of service. ETC currently is being ruled by broad day light robbers and yet you dared to be passionate about them. I better NOT believe you are paid for thinning out into the air a made up preposterous lies. The tragedy is that you blew it out of proportion and you did put your integrity under a big question mark. SHAME ON YOU! 

 Latest experts reports and analysis indicate even 15% of the 1.9 Billion U.S.Dollars is NOT used PROPERLY. They looted us to death. I suggest that you visit a website dedicated to expose the corrupt practice in the Ethiopian Telecom Corporation. Here is the website: I also advise you to read articles on the Ethiopian Telecom Corporation. Please make a clean breast to me about your relationship with Tesfaye Biru. how much has he paid you last time he came to your company? Please bear in mind that any unethical relationship with this vultures is a crime against humanity for the looting would be from the poorest of the poor living on food handout coming from the west. If you are fishing a fish in a troubled water, God the almighy will let you pay the heaviest price for your sins. THE TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL!!! ALL LIES WILL BE EXPOSED SOON.


Ewnetu Tessema





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