Believe it or not, IT IS ALL TRUE!!!

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September (the month of our New Year) won't draw closer before we take notice of an implausible and weird story.

Ethiopian Telecom Regulator is a Chemist???!!! 
Hiwot Robert, London UK
September 21, 2005

This is time after time demonstrated by its brutal deeds against ingenuous civilians. It is further demonstrated by its thoughtless venture like provocation of the diverse ethnic groups, to the extent of inducing the Harrar Somalis to come up with a secession proposal. It is as well demonstrated by its despicable concoct to spark ethnic strife between Tigrai and Amhara or Oromo and Amhara.

However, I have never ever imagined in my wildest imagination that Weyane will go so low (near to the ground) and appoint a CHEMIST as a telecom regulator. The famous Ethiopian saying goes “September (our new year) won’t draw closer earlier than we take notice of implausible story”. I am an Ethiopian by origin, living happily with my British husband and two beautiful daughters. Both I and my husband work for the British Telecom. This is to say we are well out in the open to the telecom and the regulatory framework. Restructuring incumbent telecommunications operators, introducing competition, and remodeling regulatory frameworks can never ever be done by a mathematics or a chemistry graduate. It is a joke. I feel like being trapped by a friendly April the fool trick. Countries like Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan have led the way in setting up independent regulatory authorities, and many other countries in Africa too are following their lead. This is a major step forward and is delivering positive results for consumers.

The Ethiopian government's decision to separate the operator from the regulator in 1996 was a step in the right direction. Ethiopia has NOT yet privatized the telecom. But in due course the government will surely privatize. I read recently in the Reporter Amharic weekly that private ISPs are allowed to operate in Ethiopia. The ISPs will by law be forced to use ETCs gateway. I doubt ETC has got a sufficient backbone to speed up this process and make the venture successful. I know ETC has recently bought a very expensive broadband system which is kept idle. I don't know how much that may help. It could be of some help. It goes without saying Mobile and data services will be privatized soon. Privatizing the land line may take some time. This small privatization is the "refreshment stand" Weyane has planned to give to its western “buddies” who failed, though reluctantly, to endorse the naked electoral fraud.

Weyane has made up its mind to partially and reluctantly privatize the telecom to please the “ferenji”, so that the electoral fraud, the massacre in relation to it and the mass arrest and torture could be sidelined. This is like a day dream, and yet weyane will for sure go along that line. Here comes the challenge for the CHEMIST "telecom regulator”. Attracting investors will be harder to achieve now given the prevailing financial markets conditions unless the regulatory body in Ethiopia demonstrates high level of professional competency, independence and activism.

One thing a “cadre regulator” can never ever demonstrate is competence. Even if he wishes to, with his chemistry background, his hands will be tied on the matter and as the result will resort to ideological speech making. Over and above that, the government will surely be reluctant to hand over the regulatory role. A cadre regulator obviously lack adequate autonomy and a clear mandate to make and enforce key decisions, free of political interference.

What is wrong with the Weyane regime? Appointing a Chemist as a telecom regulator makes it a laughing stock all over the world. Actually, who cares? Does Weyane care? Not at all! Why should it? Weyane’s agenda is NOT to bring economic prosperity or technological advancement to the country. It is rather the direct opposite. So, appointing a chemist as a telecom regulator is in line with Weyane’s grand design to destroy Ethiopia.

The truth shall prevail!!!


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