Appeal to all Ethiopian Telecom Employess!!!

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He who sees a crime and keeps quite is an ACCOMPLICE!


Appeal to all Ethiopian Telecom Corporation Employees : send us info via

An Intelsat X series satellite As suggested by Takele Hirpo, I am working hard on ETC’s local purchase which involves hundreds of millions (if not billions) Ethiopian Birr. I have so far drew together a great deal of data on the local purchase and the corruption drama labeled by ETC’s employees as a BROAD DAY LIGHT ROBBERY. I have deciphered the mafia type day to day tricks being in use in the local purchase at the ETC. However, upon discussing with apprehensive Ethiopians in the ETC, we decided to set up an anti corruption group named as the Group of Concerned Ethiopians.(GCE). The GCE of ETC is believed to play an exemplary role to all other nationalist and upright Ethiopians working in all other Government offices.

The GCE of ETC has planned to establish a clandestine contact with international organization meant to fight corruption all over the world, in particular Africa. We have already decided to establish contact with an international organization called Transparency International We will find out soon if their Charter allows them to work with a clandestine group. We are a group of nine close friends who worked at the ETC for 10 years and above. Some of our members still assume key positions at the ETC. The GCC of ETC is strong-willed to track down the foreign bank accounts of ETC officials with the help of international organizations set up to fight corruption. It is to be recalled the UN has recently labeled corruption in poor countries like Ethiopia as a crime against humanity.

The Ethiopian Government has the tendency of fearing upright persons and thinks all those who oppose corruption are politically motivated. Time and time again it was tried to convince different Government officials that there are individuals who fight corruption per se devoid of any political motive or affiliation to this or that political opposition groups. But, all the effort along this line was of no avail. We later on discovered, whatever the magnitude may be, each and every government official could be corrupt. We also discovered that the so called Anti Corruption Commission is a political instrument to send to jail all those who even very remotely demonstrate the faintest dissent to the government.

This is what happened to Tamrat Layne and Siye Abraha. Both individuals were overtly corrupt and Meles himself in public confessed he knew well ahead of time and did repeatedly advise Tamrat Layne before he landed him in jail. The same holds true with Siye Abraha. He was also overtly corrupt with his over hundred Scania heavy truck and others, but nothing happened to him untill a political faction sprang up after a long secret innuendo among themselves. The Government is as well known for sending to jail anyone who opposes corruption. Many are set free after they languished in prison for years. All received NO compensation for being imprisoned for no good cause whatsoever. We are forced to go underground for the Government is always out to defend corruption and corrupt officials. So, we hereby appeal to all nationalist, upright and honest minded Ethiopians working at the ETC to send us all the information currently available in their hands via our email address

Ewnetu Tessema




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