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What is going on at the ETC?

Ato TESFAYE BIRU, CEO of the Ethiopian Telecom, dismantled a mobile network purschased from a Chinese company called ZTE. This Mobile network bought some two years ago from ZTE costed ETC 400 MILLION Ethiopian Birr. Reporter weekly Amharic Newspaper reported this news in its last Sunday issue. The entire ETC employees are outraged. It is to be recalled Ewnetu Tessema in his article under the title: Ethiopian Telecom, The Mother of All Corruption, is Praised??? exposed this deliberate corrupt practice by Tesfaye Biru. The 400 MILLION Birr worth dismantled mobile equipment is at present dumped at ETC's warehouse by the direct order of Tesfaye Biru. Reprter Amharic weekly newspaper tried to reach the PR chief for a comment, but they refused to comment about it by giving lame excuses like "he is on a meeting", "he is NOT in the office", "He is on sick leave"etc. Reporter finally was forced to report it after untiringly tried to reach them for their comment before the story got published.  

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